2019 Ram Laramie Limited spotted

Convoy of trucks caught

A Convoy of 2019 Ram’s were spotted near Lansing, IL

2019 Ram Laramie Limited

2019 Ram Laramie Limited

These photos of a fully Camoed 2019 Ram 1500 were recently sent to us. We believe this truck to be a Laramie Limited model based on the wheel design. Based on these pictures the truck also seemed to be traveling with at least 2 other fully camoed Ram trucks.

The wheels have a similar design to the current Laramie Limited but look a little sportier and more modern. It also appears that they might be a 22 inch wheel instead of the current 20 Inch wheels.

2019 Ram Laramie Limited
2018 Laramie Limited wheel

Most of the trucks running around with limited camo are BigHorn/Lonestar trims with higher trims still wearing full camo. It is possible that the higher trim levels are more differentiated than the lower trims. We have confirmed that the front end design will be different between Laramie Longhorn and up trims than Laramie and below.

The front end design we have seen on the trucks with limited camo will be consistent from Tradesman up to Laramie. There will of course be different grille and headlamp styles between those trims but the overall design will be consistent. Much as the current rams with different grille styles and regular and projector headlights.

Laramie Longhorn and above will have a different headlight shape that is a little bit thinner. The grille runs into the bottom 1/3rd of the light and the light also has dual LED projectors that are possibly adaptive, (turn with steering etc.)

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